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    Fairy Cakes

    These traditional fairy cakes can be decorated in a variety of ways, we have chosen icing sugar and butter icing topped off with vegan sweets and sprinkles.

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    Fruit Loaf

    Slice fruit loaf makes a change from cakes and biscuits, it is also a lot more filling making it great for pack lunches and picnics.

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    Hummus is nutritional and very versatile being used with dips or in sandwiches/rolls. By making your own you can get the exact flavour you want and spice it up if desired. As well as a traditional hummus recipe, there are…

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    Bread Rolls

    If you have never made bread before this is a great recipe to start with, we have combined granary and white bread flour which gives a lovely bread roll.

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    Corn Medley

    If making this gluten free please check that all ingredients used are gluten free. This is a really unusual recipe made from a desire to have a gluten free snack that contained vegetables, however it is so nice you will…

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    Sausage Swiss Rolls

    Sausage rolls are great for a picnic or packed lunch and this recipe is a twist on the traditional style of sausage rolls. Quantities depend on amount required.

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    BBQ Dip

    This BBQ dip brings a more creamy and smoky taste to your condiments. If you have liquid smoke, feel free to add a bit in.

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    Cool Dip

    This cool dip can be served as a side for dipping, or poured over vegetables as a thick sauce. Some apple cider vinegar may be added for personal taste.

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