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    Hummus is nutritional and very versatile being used with dips or in sandwiches/rolls. By making your own you can get the exact flavour you want and spice it up if desired. As well as a traditional hummus recipe, there are…

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    BBQ Dip

    This BBQ dip brings a more creamy and smoky taste to your condiments. If you have liquid smoke, feel free to add a bit in.

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    Cool Dip

    This cool dip can be served as a side for dipping, or poured over vegetables as a thick sauce. Some apple cider vinegar may be added for personal taste.

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    Salad Kebabs

    A great and fun way to eat salad, these kebabs can be tailored made to your personal preferences, simply add your favourite salad ingredients. Quantities depend on personal taste.

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    Deep Fried Tofu

    This is a different way to eat tofu, these can be cooked on a barbecue instead of being deep fried.

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    Perfect for barbecues, this vegan kebab recipe is a great replacement for the usual meat variety. It will suit all tastes with this range of selected ingredients. You can of course spice it up by adding your favourite sauces. Quantities…

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    Ceasar Salad

    A Caesar salad is a salad made up of romaine lettuce, croutons, egg and cheese with a lemon and garlic dressing. For our version the cheese has been omitted but you could always add vegan cheese if you wish. We…

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    Corn Fritters

    This American classic is a savoury treat traditional in the south of America, we have used tinned sweetcorn instead of the more commonly used fresh sweetcorn. You normally deep fry them but we have shallowed fried.

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    American Style Corn Bread

    Native Americans used corn before the settlers arrived and those Europeans who lived in the southern English colonies learned how to cook corn dishes. Cornbread was popular during the American Civil war because it was cheap. Over the years the…

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    Rice Salad

    Rice Salads are quick to make if you have any rice left over, as well as being a great accompaniment to any buffet or BBQ, it is also perfect as a salad on its own. Amounts depend on quantity wanted.

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