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    Mega Burger

    This is exactly what it says it is: A mega burger. You can either make one giant burger or two burgers to put into your roll.

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    Garlic and Onion Sausages

    These sausages are flavoured with garlic and onion to give them a nice tangy taste which go perfect with sauces.

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    Herb Sausages

    To make these sausages a little bit different we’ve added a great herby taste. Feel free to add your favourite herbs!

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    Spicy Tomato Sausages

    For spicy and tomato lovers out there, you can’t go wrong with these which offer such a great taste. If you want it even hotter, just add more chilli powder!

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    Hot & Spicy Roasted Stuffed Peppers

    These stuffed peppers are brilliant on their own as a meal or can be made as a starter with smaller peppers. They are also excellent on a BBQ. Whatever you decide, if you like hot and spicy food you will…

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    Tomato Pie

    Tomato pie is very popular among American people of Italian and Sicilian heritage. There are plenty of variations and our version is no exception. We have substituted the usual pine nuts with mixed nuts.

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    Southern Fried Chickenless Chicken

    We will be substituting the chicken for this recipe with tofu. Traditionally it would be seasoned and then deep fried. We are marinated the tofu to replace the seasoning and although deep frying we are also putting it in the…

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    Rice Salad

    Rice Salads are quick to make if you have any rice left over, as well as being a great accompaniment to any buffet or BBQ, it is also perfect as a salad on its own. Amounts depend on quantity wanted.

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    Soya Mince Chilli and Rice

    Soya Mince is a fantastic substitute for mince and does a great job in this chilli recipe which will fool any carnivore into thinking they are eating meat. If you wish for a hot chilli, simply add more chilli powder.…

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    Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed mushrooms are quick easy and nutritionist not to mention a great hit with anyone who loves mushrooms. This recipe was created to include our favourite items of mushrooms and cous-cous.

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    Soya Chunks in Black Bean Sauce with Rice

    Soya chunks are a great replacement for meat dishes. This recipe flavoured in black bean sauce will fool even the most dedicated carnivore! Best served with rice or simply put in a tortilla wrap – tasty no matter how you…

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    Tofu Stir-Fry

    This simple stir fry is made more delicious by just adding tofu, a great source of protein, just replace any vegetables you might not like with those you do.

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